Feet On Fire Dance Explosion Worship. Ought – Mar. 23 (Lake Wales)

Event description

Feet On Fire Dance Explosion is a gathering of Dancers, Praisers and Worshippers! Attendees will will have the opportunity to experice segments drawn from From “No Limits Night of Praise and Worship” to Dance Classes (Liturgical, Mime, Flags & Pageantry, Zumba, Praise, Technique and more) to Feet On Fire Concert with psalmists, dancers and poets rejoicing in their gifts!

No Limits Night of Praise & Worship will be a celebration of Dancers and Singers collaborating in their gifts. We will begin with a Meet & Greet at 6pm sharp and then the Praises begin! The night will also feature ” Let the Prophets Pray” where attendees will have the opportunity to receive prayer and words of encouragement and direction from awesome Prophets of God!

On Saturday morning, we will be offering Perfecting Gifts which is a segment of many classes and training. This will include Prophetic, Liturgical, Modern, Technique, Hip Hop, Zumba, Mime, Flags & Pageantry, African and many more…

The Feet On Fire Concert will be held Saturday night at 6pm. There attendees will experience dancing, singing, poetry and then more Dancing!

So, bring your garments and your praise as we raise our gifts to our Lord and Savior with “No Limits”! You don’t want to miss this time of fellowship of the arts.

REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/feet-on-fire-dance-explosion-tickets-41278977533?aff=es2

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