WAKE Go Love 2018 – Feb. 16 (Ft. Myers)

This year Summit Student Ministries is excited to present a whole new retreat: WAKE. Each student is on their own unique walk with Jesus and WAKE seeks to minister to students right where they are at.

This year there will be a specific emphasis on small groups. Each small group will spend the night in a host home. This is where they will form special bonds and learn to walk more deeply with Jesus. On Friday night and Satuday night all the small groups will meet at the Gateway campus for worship and Bible teaching.

Furthermore, every student will have the oppurtunity to have a huge amount of fun. We will be taking part in laser tag, group competitions, and a final trip to the beach on Sunday morning. WAKE is going to be a blast as well as a life changing experience!

Host Homes:

We are looking for 10 more homes in the ESTERO/GATEWAY area to house our students. Your only requirements are that you allow students to spend the night in your living room for two nights. Our volunteers & staff will take care of the food and the cleaning. Would you consider housing your son or daugther’s small group? If so, please contact Paul@summitlife.com


Drop Off / Pick Up

Meet at Gateway Campus at 5pm

Pickup from your campus (either University, Naples, Gateway) at 1pm

Where are my kids staying?

Students will be staying with their small groups & small group leaders in a host home. A host home is a fully background checked family in the Estero/Gateway area who is willing ot open their home for students to spend the night. At this time, I cannot give the exact home that your child will be staying in as we are still waiting for people to volunteer to open their home. (Hint Hint Will you consider opening your home?)

How are they traveling?

Students will be carpooling in the vehicle of an adult leader OR parent volunteer. Students are NOT permitted to drive in the vehicles of other students.

Who will be supervising my kids?

Your child will always be under the supervision of 1-3 adult leaders (depending on the size of their small group). These adult leaders will be comprised of Summit Student Ministry Staff, weekly volunteers, and additional parent volunteers.

Packing List:

– Casual clothes for hang out and worship time

– Athletic clothes for during the day

– Toiletry items you’ll need (shampoo, deodorant, ect)

– Close toed shoes

– Bedding (sheet, blanket, pillow or sleeping bag)

– Sunscreen

– Hat

– Towel

– Sunglasses

– Bible

– Notebook

– Pen

Dress Code:

– Please dress modest in a way that would not cause people’s focus to be distracted from God. Please stick to these guidelines.

– No crop tops

– No spaghetti straps

– Shorts must go to fingertips

– Spandex are not shorts

– One piece bathing suit or big dark tshirt for swimming

– Tshirts will be given if dress code is not met

REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wake-tickets-40782276888?aff=es2

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